My son Woody turned six in November of 2011. That would have been the kindergarten year for most kids, 180 days that mark the beginning of the school career. But Woody did his learning in the big, wide, beautiful world, without school being a part of it.

I'm Teresa Honey, and I kept this blog to document this time in my son's life, to share pictures and stories with far-away friends and relatives, and to add ours to the many stories of families living rich, engaging, loving lives with learning happening all the time and in many forms, totally inseparable from every other part of being human.

Here you'll find 180 or so learning moments recorded from August, 2011 to April, 2012 in the life of a 5-turned-6-year-old radically unschooled kid.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Both boys are sick with colds and low fevers. They and I slept fitfully last night with much waking to wipe noses and to cry about not being able to breathe. This being Woody's third day with it, he's on the upswing, but Fox is in the thick of it, quite literally, as in thickly clogging his little sinuses and causing great distress.

So, today began with us watching an old Jim Henson TV special, "The Christmas Toy," which, interestingly enough, has a very similar storyline to Toy Story with toys coming alive after the children leave the room and feeling great angst about being replaced. There is even one toy, a superhero named Meteora, who believes herself to be the real Meteora and not just a toy. (The dilemma is resolved differently than Buzz Lightyear's, though.) This prompted a talk about copying versus using something as inspiration, about building on previous stories and the meaning of originality.

I am so thankful for our Netflix. It has significantly enriched our learning environment, Woody's reading, and his computer skills.